Given that Baja Discovery’s whale-watching camp is located in El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve (the largest in Mexico), we take seriously the responsibility to protect both the gray-whale sanctuary and the dramatic, pristine environment that surrounds it, as well as to support the local people who live there.

The founder of Baja Discovery began guiding travelers down the Baja California peninsula in Mexico over a quarter century ago, and introduced the concepts of ecotourism while it was still known as “adventure travel.” Twenty-eight years later, guests still experience the adventure in our low-impact, environmentally-astute camp on Punta Piedra (Rocky Point), the finest-land-based site for whale watchers in Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California Sur.

Baja Discovery recognized early the benefits of working with local communities; the knowledge offered by resident fishermen who worked with Baja Discovery in the first years in the lagoon enriched the experience of our guests. The mutual support we developed is now carried on by their sons and daughters, and continues to benefit all of us in what has become, for a magical season every year, an international community. Since 1991 Baja Discovery has partnered with Ecoturismo Kuyima, a local community-based outfitter that has introduced and promoted training programs for both local residents and Mexican university students who wish to expand their education and hone their talents. We are proud to count them as valued naturalists and guides in our lively, cross-cultural staff.

While we offer our guests the enjoyment of a life-changing experience among the whales and our fun-loving staff, we also provide a wealth of information and education about these fragile ecosystems, and the politics and industries that may affect them. Ecoturismo Kuyima and the other whale-watch providers of Laguna San Ignacio get our full support in their efforts to advance conservation easements, and their explorations of sustainable uses of the natural resources that still abound in this amazing desert place. It remains our honor to introduce you to it.