Here are some of the frequently asked questions our customers inquire about. If you are in need of further information feel free to contact us by phone or email.

Frequently Asked Questions

The whales migrate to the Baja lagoons as early as January and stay well into the month of April, thereby offering months of spectacular whale watching. There are no “better” or “worse” weeks to watch whales and all of our trip dates reflect prime time whale-watching. That being said, we are watching wild animals, which make this experience particularly exciting as well as unpredictable. Typically, more whales congregate in the lagoon during the months of January and February to mate and give birth. In March and April the numbers of whales decrease, since most males and juveniles have left the lagoon, leaving mostly moms and babies. However, there are still plenty of whales!


Since San Ignacio is such a remote location, your journey to and from the lagoon is an adventure in itself! We will travel by land, air and sea. Transfer days are the first and last days of your trip. We will meet at the departure hotel and transport you via private bus to the border (about a 20 minute drive), where we’ll process your Tourist Cards and clear customs. This process can take about an hour start to finish, just depends on group size, other tourist traffic at the border, etc. We then drive across Tijuana, sight-seeing along the way, to the charter terminal at the Tijuana Airport (approx 30 minutes). Here we wait for the returning group.

Your 2-½ hr. flight to San Ignacio is aboard turbo-prop, 14-passenger Cessna caravans, which will take you over the majestic Baja Peninsula. You’ll have a bird’s-eye view of scenic coastlines, deserts and mountains, arriving at the lagoon mid afternoon. After a short van ride to the lagoon shore, you will board the pangas (whale watch boats) for an exhilarating, 20-minute ride to our campsite on Rocky Point. Upon arrival it’s time to relax! Before dinner, grab a drink, settle in and enjoy the sights from shore.

Guest tents (approx. 10’x10’) are equipped with two sturdy beds with mattresses, linens, blankets, pillows/cases. All linens are freshly laundered and changed between groups. In each tent there is a storage box to put items in and/or to use as a bedside table, a hanging organizer with storage pockets, and also a solar flashlight and solar lantern. We have three bathroom structures, yes technically outhouses, BUT… they contain ceramic RV toilets with a foot- pedal flush. We utilize an underground marine septic system, so the bathrooms are very clean and located close to the tents. Two enclosed bathing structures enable you to shower from solar water bags.

We have a main dining and activity tent where we have all meals and informal evening discussions led by camp naturalists.


Yes! We ask you to inform us of any special dietary restrictions/preferences (vegetarian, food allergies, gluten free etc.) on your trip application form, and in most cases we are able to accommodate. It is very important that you provide us with dietary information before arriving at whale camp. Recently we have had people list no restrictions on their forms, then upon arrival tell us they are a vegetarian or prefer gluten free, etc. We shop and plan for meals based on the information you provide, so please help make our job easier (and keep our fabulous kitchen goddesses happy) by providing accurate information ahead of time. GRACIAS!

We have a wide array of beverages, including beer and wine, for no additional charge. Purified drinking water, coffee, tea and soft drinks are always available. We have tequila for margaritas and some other hard liquor, but do not provide a full service bar. You are permitted to bring your own wine/liquor (within reason!) if you have a favorite you’d like to enjoy while at camp.

Although your trip takes you to “sunny Mexico”, you are going to be camping in the desert in winter, just off the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures have an average variance of twenty to thirty degrees. February and March temperatures can range from the low-50’s F at night to the mid 80’s in the day (it can creep into the 90’s without wind on occasion). Mornings and evenings can be chilly and moist. Wind is a constant factor and can kick up over 40mph on occasion. Please keep in mind while packing, that 70 degrees with wind will feel like 60 in the boats, and overnight 50 degrees can feel like 40. See the suggested personal items list in our trip information booklet to assist with packing.

Costs are included on five-day trips. You will need money for tipping (see below), and any whale-watching merchandise, or souvenirs you may decide to purchase. There is no need to exchange dollars for pesos. We do accept checks for tips and/or souvenirs/apparel in our “Baja Boutique”.

Tipping is obviously voluntary. Some groups have organized and presented a group tip, but most contribute individually. Tips generally range from $20-$30 per guest per day. Envelopes and a tip box will be made available the evening before trip departure. Tips are divided equally among all camp staff (guides, cooks, boatmen). Gratuities should reflect your satisfaction of the staff’s performance.

Swimming is not allowed during whale-watching season in San Ignacio Lagoon. We do offer kayaking in the mangroves behind camp. You may get wet getting in and out of the kayaks/water. Depending upon the weather, a swimsuit might come in handy.

Lots! You can walk the fossilized shoreline, explore tide pools, go for a run, take a siesta in your tent, or relax in a chair on the bluff and watch the whales and birds offshore. You can go kayaking in the mangroves, play bocce ball, volleyball, board games, or card games (Uno Loco is a lively camp favorite not to be missed). And for the readers, we have a well-stocked library with books about whales, other marine life, and the natural history of Baja California.


We do have a charging station in the main tent (US style electrical receptacles,110 volt), but our camp operates entirely on solar power. While the sun shines brightly most days, it is always better to be safe and avoid disappointment… bring extra batteries!

Unless you have an international cell phone plan, your mobile phone will probably not work at camp. Baja Discovery staff has a Mexican cell phone, which can be used for guest emergencies or special circumstances. There is no Internet or Wi-Fi at whale camp and we discourage guests from bringing laptops (this is vacation!). Kindles, iPads, etc. are fine to bring along for reading.

We “usually” get back to the hotel anywhere between 2pm and 4pm. We cannot predict the weather or border crossing times, and if there are any significant delays it could be later than that. Please keep this in mind if you are planning to fly out of San Diego the same day. We strongly recommend booking flights after 6PM.

The $500 deposit is refundable minus a $50 handling fee until you have signed and returned the application and waiver forms, which you have 30 days to review. We try to be as flexible as possible with deposit refunds. Final balance is due 60 days prior to departure. No money may be refunded within 30 days of departure. We highly recommend trip cancellation insurance, and include information on this in your first packet.